Another Idle Distraction: a charming and off the cuff introduction

This was supposed to be a website, but I don’t have the $18 required for that so instead it’s going to be a blog with delusions of grandeur.

I first heard the phrase ‘delusions of grandeur’ watching Star Wars. C3P0 tells R2D2 he is suffering from delusions of grandeur. (Which was of course ironic, and C3P0 has an incredibly unjustified sense of self importance…)

I’m much like C3P0 in that respect.

Anyway, this is primarily away of existing on the internet without being on Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace. I’m still on Bebo. I can’t close my account because I forgot the password, so unfortunately my Bebo profile picture still exists in the public domain.

However, it is also intended to be a haphazard and disorganised humour magazine… just another idle distraction in a world full of idle distractions. The content will largely be humour, essays, and occasionally stories.


I think that covers everything. I’m closing down the Facebook account on which this was advertised on sunday, and I’m replacing it with this. I like to think of it as the virtual equivalent of moving out of the big city and out into the country…

I could run this as a normal personal blog, but there are at least one hundred blogs out there already charting the day to day existential boredom of middle class suburban youth.

Finally, I’m will accept submissions from anybody as long as your work isn’t funnier than mine.

The address for submissions is:

The excessive length and punctuation of the e-mail address is to discourage timewasters.

James D. Irwin

Editor/Country Squire/C3P0-a-like



About James D. Irwin

James D. Irwin is a writer/comedian.
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2 Responses to Another Idle Distraction: a charming and off the cuff introduction

  1. Slade says:

    I’d hate to submit for the obvious reasons you stated above, haha. I first heard ”
    delusions of grandeur” through Star Wars too, though I could’ve sworn Han said it in Jedi, somewhere on one of the scenes where still he couldn’t see on the sail barge. I could be totally hallucinating that though.

    • Slade!
      Sorry for the late reply— WordPress marked you as spam, which I only just noticed on the dashboard.

      I think you’re write about Han. Multiple characters say ‘i’ve got a bad feeling about this’ throughout the series. And Harrison Ford says it as Indy too. George Lucas isn’t exactly Shakespeare when it comes to dialogue.

      I’ve always associated the phrase with C3P0. Whenever I hear it, I hear his voice. Then I immediately watch Star Wars, because Star Wars is awesome.

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